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Prevent Heartworm In Pets



Prevent Heartworm before you have to treat it!


Dog’s heart, liver, and kidney functions will have to be evaluated first to be sure they are strong enough to endure treatment.

Adult worms are eliminated with an arsenic-based compound.

After treatment is administered the dog is restricted to rest for several weeks. This is to make sure the body absorbs the dead worms. If the dog were to exert its body the dead worms may “break loose” and end up in the lungs. Heartworms in the lungs can cause respiratory failure and death to the dog. This type of treatment goes on for weeks until heartworm tests come back negative.

In advanced cases of heartworm disease a dog may be required to go under surgical removal. In cats this high risk surgery has only been successful once in veterinary history.

In the cases of early detection a long term treatment of taking doxycycline and Heartgard Plus daily for more than a year has shown to be effective.  Early detection of heartworm disease is difficult due to it being majorly asymptomatic.


There are several veterinary drugs available to prevent heartworm infection. Options for prevention include medications that can be taken orally or applied topically on the pet. These preventative drugs are more than 99% effective in protecting dogs and cats from heartworm disease and some even help control fleas and ticks (though this option may vary depending on the drug). DV Medical Supply recommends check up appointments with your pet’s veterinarian. At the very least, pet owners should get pets heartworm tested annually.

Tips for Managing Medical Inventory Effectively

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DV Medical Supply


DV Medical Supply, Inc., provides medical and pharmaceutical supplies to physicians and medical facilities throughout the United States. It focuses on sourcing hard-to-find medications and aims to surpass all existing industry standards. One of the ways DV Medical Supply does this is through stringent inventory management, which ensures its products do not become contaminated or mixed up. Managing medical inventory effectively is a difficult task, but these tips should help.

1. Supplies should be stored in durable containers. This protects them from any external factors that may compromise them. Ideally, these containers should be transparent, so you can conduct visual checks of how much you have of each item in inventory.

2. Invest in software that is capable of reading the many bar code symbols that could potentially be used by hospital item masters. There are over 150 in all.

3. Speak to physicians and nurses about the equipment they prefer. While introducing new stock to inventory will happen over time, you also need to understand the existing needs of your client and stock accordingly.

Child Fund International Addresses Children’s Evolving Needs



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Child Fund

DV Medical Supply offers both pharmaceutical and medical/surgical supplies for health care professionals. In addition to supplying medical products, DV Medical Supply also donates to charitable organizations, such as ChildFund International.

ChildFund International recognizes that there are more than half a billion children all over the world living below the poverty line, with little to no access to basic care. As such, ChildFund works with local organizations to provide children with nutrition, health care, safety, education, and equal access to opportunities. The organization also recognizes the changing needs of children, thus creating programs specific to each age group.

For infants and very young children, ChildFund International focuses its efforts on providing quality developmental environments, such as its early childhood development programs in Ecuador. For children and young adolescents, the organization contributes to the development of community systems, such as the “child-friendly school” approach it brought to a remote school in Honduras. For teens and young adults, ChildFund implements programs that promote economic and social well-being, such as the “All We Need is Love” training program for potential leaders in Caribbean societies.