Pets For Vets


DV Medical’s president Neal Hyams proudly wearing a and product.

Purchasing this bracelet helps the organization pair service dogs with Veterans suffering from a disability or PTSD.
We are sharing this because they also donate a shelter meal for every social media post and because you should really check them out!!


The Mission of the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Foundation


Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Foundation pic

Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Foundation

Founded in 1978 with headquarters in Gardena, California, pharmaceutical wholesale distributor DV Medical Supply serves providers of both human and animal medical care, such as hospitals, veterinary clinics, and pharmacies. Outside of its daily operations, DV Medical Supply supports the efforts of the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Foundation (VECCF).

Founded nearly 15 years ago, VECCF was first convened to help provide financial tools and other assistance for initiatives aimed at providing needed care to vulnerable animals whose owners can’t afford care, or who don’t have anyone to care for them at all. The organization also funds research programs that help find new treatments for diseases in pets, among other efforts.

VECCF accomplished this by partnering with nonprofit organizations who share the same mission and passion. In addition to research efforts, VECCF supports educational training to keep providers up to date on veterinary medicine and also helps with on-the-ground animal care whenever disasters hit.