Frequently Asked Questions about JDRF’s One Walk Events

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JDRF’s One Walk

A family-operated supplier of medical and pharmaceutical supplies, DV Medical Supply serves clients throughout the United States from its headquarters in Gardena, California. Further, DV Medical Supply supports JDRF, an organization that supports people with type 1 diabetes (T1D) and raises funds for research into the disease.

Among the fundraisers held by JDRF is One Walk, which sees supporters from all over the United States come together to complete sponsored walks. Here are some frequently asked questions about the event:

Question: How long is the walk?

Answer: On average, One Walk events are three miles, though they can range from one to five miles. Some organizers create separate routes for families and young people who wish to participate but can’t walk the full distance.

Q: What should I bring on the day?

A: Bring your walker donation form and any cash or check donations in your collection envelope.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Comfortable shoes are a must, as is clothing appropriate to the weather. One Walk events take place in all types of weather, barring extreme conditions, so consider packing appropriate gear if the forecast warns of rain, snow, or wind.

ChildFund’s 2016 Children’s Voices Survey


Akibene Scholarship Program Breaks Financial Barriers to Education

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Akibene Scholarship Program

DV Medical Supply is a supplier of quality wholesale medical products and pharmaceuticals with headquarters in Gardena, California. Outside its everyday operations, DV Medical Supply supports ChildFund, a nonprofit organization that advocates for the protection of children’s wellbeing nationally and internationally. ChildFund initiatives include the Akibene Scholarship Program.

Seeking to remove the financial barriers to pursuing an education, the Akibene Scholarship Program benefits Gambian and Indonesian youth forced to drop out of high school due to financial strain. Scholarships cover a variety of educational expenses, ranging from tuition and school fees to books and materials. They also help students pay for housing and transportation to higher-level institutions. In addition, it grants students the necessary tools and skills to support their families and inspire others to use education as a pathway to success.

More than $11,000 in donations have been raised for the scholarship program since its launch. The program maintains a fundraising goal of $30,000.

Child Fund’s Unique Approach to Protecting Children

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Child Fund

Established in 1978, DV Medical Supply has consistently supplied the medical profession with cost-effective medical, surgical, and pharmaceutical equipment. Big on corporate social responsibility, DV Medical Supply supports Child Fund.

Child Fund is an organization that is focused on protecting children all over the world from physical or emotional abuse, neglect, sexual violence, and exploitation.

The organization’s approach to child protection sees children and the environment as a set of rings with children at the very center. The first ring represents the family of the child, the second ring symbolizes the surrounding community, the third ring stands for local institutions, the fourth ring denotes national institutions, and finally the last ring represents international institutions. All of these play a fundamental role in keeping children safe and protected.
With a firm belief that each environmental support, or ring, strengthens the other, Child Fund targets each of these institutions, advocating for the protection of children. The organization helps children understand their rights and the law, empowering them so they are their own advocates. Child Fund then strengthens families through social and economic programs aimed at building stability.

Child Fund entrenches child protection in communities through supporting child protection committees, and educating mothers and teachers on how to make use of local institutions tasked with preventing child abuse.

Child Fund works with leaders at the national level, advocating for children’s interests as enshrined in international treaties while at the same time supporting international policy changes aimed at protecting children.