A Brief Outline of Necessary Vaccinations for Cats


Vaccinations for Cats pic

Vaccinations for Cats
Image: pets.webmd.com

For four decades, Southern California-based DV Medical Supply, Inc., has served the medical and veterinary professions as a distributor of high-quality supplies and pharmaceuticals. Family-owned since its establishment, DV Medical Supply concentrates on serving its customers as an active partner in the process of creating healthy human and animal communities.

Cat owners can benefit from developing a clear understanding of which vaccinations their pets need. The following represents a basic description of some core vaccinations for most cats, as recommended by a broad cross-section of veterinarians:

A highly contagious disease, feline distemper, or panleukopenia, affects a cat’s nervous and digestive systems, as well as the lymph tissues and bone marrow. Highly effective, the vaccine for this virus presents only low-to-moderate risk.

Another highly contagious viral disease, rabies attacks an animal’s central nervous system and is nearly 100 percent fatal once symptoms appear. Vaccination has proven very effective in preventing rabies.

Vaccinating a cat for feline calicivirus and rhinotracheitis minimizes the severity of these upper respiratory diseases. However, it does not prevent a cat from becoming a disease carrier.

As always, cat owners should consult their pet’s veterinarian for comprehensive information on vaccinations for each animal. A veterinarian will take into account a cat’s age, gender, previous illnesses, lifestyle, and other factors when scheduling vaccinations.


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