Safety Tips for Pet Owners for the Fourth of July



While the sounds and smells of the Fourth of July can be very enjoyable for pet owners this is not so true for their pets. Our furry friends do not understand that the whizzing and booming sounds of fireworks are done in celebration for our Independence Day. To them the holiday can be extremely stress inducing. In preparation for the Fourth of July festivities DV Medical Supply would like to offer pet owners a few tips for the holiday:

  • Keep pets somewhere indoors where they feel comfortable and cannot escape from.
  • Make sure beforehand that your pet has an up to date ID tag or microchip identification on them in the case that they do end up escaping and running away.
  • Even if you are not lighting fireworks debris can end up in your yard that would be dangerous to your pets. Check the yard after the holiday before letting pets out to play.
  • Do not feed your pet human foods. It may be very tempting to indulge your pet in the foods being served during the holiday but common summer treats that humans love can be very toxic to them. For example never feed a pet beer, grapes, or avocado.
  • Keep fireworks away from pets. Even unused fireworks should be monitored since they can be toxic to our curious, furry friends.

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