DV Medical Supply Orders Using CSOS


For more than four decades, DV Medical Supply, Inc., in Gardena, California, has operated as a family-owned-and-managed provider of medical, surgical, and pharmaceutical supplies to clients in the veterinary industry. Over the years, DV Medical Supply has established a reputation for meeting and exceeding industry standards when it comes to customer support, offering exceptional service, affordable products, and a number of convenient features.

As a modernized provider of veterinary medical products, DV Medical Supply has fully embraced the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS), through which clients can complete Schedule II controlled substance orders electronically, rather than completing paper triplicates of Form 222. Electronic CSOS transmissions allow for complete digitization of Form 222, including electronic signatures created with the Digital Certificate computer software.

Individuals or businesses that have never used the system must first apply to the DEA for a digital certificate, a process that can take up to six weeks to complete. Once clients have downloaded their certificate, they can reach out to a DV Medical Supply representative for login information and password credentials. More information regarding CSOS and Digital Certificate, including system requirements, can be found at www.dvmed.com.


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