Hydroxyzine – How It Is Used for Animals

Hydroxyzine pic

Image: drugs.com

From its Gardena, California, headquarters, DV Medical Supply, Inc., provides cost-effective pharmaceutical, surgical, and medical supplies on a wholesale basis. A featured product on the DV Medical Supply website, hydroxyzine is available in batches of 1,000 tablets ranging from 10- to 50-milligram doses.

An antihistamine, hydroxyzine is commonly prescribed in veterinary care for allergic reactions, including snake and insect bites, alopecia, and reactions to vaccinations. The drug helps with the reduction of nausea, inflammation, and anxiety in animals, in addition to being a sedative.

Hydroxyzine blocks H-1 receptors, which become widened when histamine attaches to them. This leads to itchiness, inflammation, and muscle contraction, the latter of which can cause breathing difficulties.

Typically prescribed for cats and dogs, hydroxyzine is sometimes branded as Atarax, Anxanil, or Vistaril and should be kept in a sealed container at room temperature. The drug should not be given to any pregnant or lactating animals.


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