Advice for Living with Type-1 Diabetes

Type-1 Diabetes pic

Type-1 Diabetes

Founded in 1978, DV Medical Supply, Inc., specializes in sourcing and distributing products, including capsules, ointments, tablets, and difficult-to-find treatments, to the medical industry. DV Medical Supply also supports JDRF, which aims to make life easier for those with type-1 diabetes (T1D) while working toward the eradication of the condition by funding research. Adjusting to living with T1D is a challenge, so keep this advice in mind.

1. Make sure your body has the right amount of insulin before you start exercising. Engaging in extended physical activity when your body has too much insulin can lead to hypoglycemia, whereas having too little can lead to hyperglycemia.

2. Your diet needs to be balanced, and you should eat regularly to maintain your blood sugar levels. It should include carbohydrates such as pasta, but with proper portion control. Fruit and vegetables are also recommended, though you should avoid fruit juices, as these are usually high in sugar and can lead to spikes in your blood glucose levels.

3. Because your pancreas cannot produce insulin, you will be tasked with administering it yourself with a syringe, pump, or pen. Speak to your medical professional to find the best type of insulin for your condition and keep a log of your blood glucose levels, as this is your physician’s main source of information when helping you manage the condition.


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