Norbrook’s Topical Closamectin Pour-On For Animals

DV Medical Supply pic

DV Medical Supply

Based in Southern California, DV Medical Supply distributes a full range of veterinary medications at wholesale prices. Among the companies whose products DV Medical Supply carries is Norbrook, which stands as the only pharmaceutical company founded and maintained in Britain.

Norbrook animal health products are sold in more than 120 countries and include the pioneering Closamectin Pour-On. This topical anthelmintic solution is designed as painless and able to treat and control infestations of parasites such as nematode, arthropod, and mixed trematode (fluke). Common culprits include lungworms and roundworms, as well as lice and mites.

Closamectin Pour-On is unique in its combination of ivermectin, which targets lice, ticks, and some worms, and closantel, which focuses on gastrointestinal roundworm and liver fluke. Its topical application makes it much less hassle to use than drenches or injections, and it is designed to save money as well as time. Norbrook products available through DV Medical Supply can be accessed at


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