The Causes of Type 1 Diabetes

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Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

From its headquarters in Gardena, California, DV Medical Supply stocks a variety of medical and pharmaceutical supplies, ranging from ointments and capsules, through to gloves and catheters. Serving as a wholesale distributor, it provides supplies to clients throughout the United States. Also active in the charitable sphere, DV Medical Supply supports JDRF, which is an organization that aims to rid the world of type 1 diabetes.

Unlike with type 2 diabetes, which can be caused by a range of external factors that include weight and age, the causes of type 1 diabetes are still murky. It is likely that genetics plays a large factor as scientists have discovered that those who have a particular human leukocyte antigen (HLA) complex are susceptible to the ailment, whereas those who don’t have it will never develop type 1 diabetes. The role of the HLA is to trigger the immune response in the body, with this particular complex likely being what causes the body to consider insulin a threat, leading to its destruction and the need for insulin injections for type 1 diabetics.

The condition itself often requires a trigger virus that contains cells similar to the beta cells that create insulin in the pancreas. In type 1 diabetics, this similarity confuses the immune system so that it begins attacking beta cells in addition to the similar cells introduced by the virus. A number of viruses have been linked to type 1 diabetes, including German measles, mumps, and the rotavirus.


Advice for Living with Type-1 Diabetes

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Type-1 Diabetes

Founded in 1978, DV Medical Supply, Inc., specializes in sourcing and distributing products, including capsules, ointments, tablets, and difficult-to-find treatments, to the medical industry. DV Medical Supply also supports JDRF, which aims to make life easier for those with type-1 diabetes (T1D) while working toward the eradication of the condition by funding research. Adjusting to living with T1D is a challenge, so keep this advice in mind.

1. Make sure your body has the right amount of insulin before you start exercising. Engaging in extended physical activity when your body has too much insulin can lead to hypoglycemia, whereas having too little can lead to hyperglycemia.

2. Your diet needs to be balanced, and you should eat regularly to maintain your blood sugar levels. It should include carbohydrates such as pasta, but with proper portion control. Fruit and vegetables are also recommended, though you should avoid fruit juices, as these are usually high in sugar and can lead to spikes in your blood glucose levels.

3. Because your pancreas cannot produce insulin, you will be tasked with administering it yourself with a syringe, pump, or pen. Speak to your medical professional to find the best type of insulin for your condition and keep a log of your blood glucose levels, as this is your physician’s main source of information when helping you manage the condition.

Norbrook’s Topical Closamectin Pour-On For Animals

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DV Medical Supply

Based in Southern California, DV Medical Supply distributes a full range of veterinary medications at wholesale prices. Among the companies whose products DV Medical Supply carries is Norbrook, which stands as the only pharmaceutical company founded and maintained in Britain.

Norbrook animal health products are sold in more than 120 countries and include the pioneering Closamectin Pour-On. This topical anthelmintic solution is designed as painless and able to treat and control infestations of parasites such as nematode, arthropod, and mixed trematode (fluke). Common culprits include lungworms and roundworms, as well as lice and mites.

Closamectin Pour-On is unique in its combination of ivermectin, which targets lice, ticks, and some worms, and closantel, which focuses on gastrointestinal roundworm and liver fluke. Its topical application makes it much less hassle to use than drenches or injections, and it is designed to save money as well as time. Norbrook products available through DV Medical Supply can be accessed at