Hydroxyzine – Used in Reducing Allergic Reactions in Dogs

Hydroxyzine pic

Image: dvmed.com

DV Medical Supply is a respected supplier of wholesale veterinary medications, including those that are difficult to find. Among the firm’s featured products are meloxicam, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug that is primarily used in addressing arthritis. DV Medical Supply also supplies hydroxyzine, an antihistamine often prescribed as a sedative to people suffering from stress and anxiety.

The uses of hydroxyzine extend to treating allergic skin conditions such as hives, and it is in this area that it is commonly prescribed to canines. Conditions addressed include allergies to vaccines, as well as snake and insect bites that involve side effects such as swelling. Through its use, inflammation and itchiness associated with the body’s release of the chemical histamine are reduced.

The way in which hydroxyzine operates is through preventing H-1 receptors responsible for the widening of smaller blood vessels and smooth muscles. This in turn counteracts major inflammations and minimizes the symptoms associated with allergic reactions. One issue to be aware of with hydroxyzine involves challenges in breathing, associated with the muscles around the airways being unable to properly contract.