Child Fund International Addresses Children’s Evolving Needs



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Child Fund

DV Medical Supply offers both pharmaceutical and medical/surgical supplies for health care professionals. In addition to supplying medical products, DV Medical Supply also donates to charitable organizations, such as ChildFund International.

ChildFund International recognizes that there are more than half a billion children all over the world living below the poverty line, with little to no access to basic care. As such, ChildFund works with local organizations to provide children with nutrition, health care, safety, education, and equal access to opportunities. The organization also recognizes the changing needs of children, thus creating programs specific to each age group.

For infants and very young children, ChildFund International focuses its efforts on providing quality developmental environments, such as its early childhood development programs in Ecuador. For children and young adolescents, the organization contributes to the development of community systems, such as the “child-friendly school” approach it brought to a remote school in Honduras. For teens and young adults, ChildFund implements programs that promote economic and social well-being, such as the “All We Need is Love” training program for potential leaders in Caribbean societies.