Proper Dosage and Precautions in Taking Cephalexin Capsules

 Cephalexin Capsules pic

Cephalexin Capsules

With a proclivity toward business and sales, Boston University graduate Neal Hyams found his niche in the medical industry, with his company DV Medical Supply. Established in 1978, DV Medical Supply distributes pharmaceutical products, such as cephalexin capsules.

An antibiotic, cephalexin treats bacterial infections, including urinary tract infections and upper respiratory tract infections. Cephalexin can also be used to treat skin and ear infections. As a precaution, patients must inform doctors of any allergic reactions to drugs, specifically penicillin. Patients with kidney disease, intestinal problems, and diabetes may also have adverse reactions to cephalexin.

Similar to other antibiotics, cephalexin has a prescribed dosage. To take cephalexin, the dispersible tablet is first dissolved in a glass with two teaspoons of water. It can be ingested once it is completely dissolved. To ensure that individuals take the complete dosage, water can be added into the same glass, to drink the remaining mixture.

The 250mg cephalexin capsule is taken orally every six hours, while the 500mg cap is taken every 12 hours, for the length of time prescribed by a physician.


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The 2016 IVECCS Shares 430 Hours of Scientific Programming

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International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Symposium

Since its inception in 1978, DV Medical Supply has been a family-owned and managed business focused on selling medical, surgical, and pharmaceutical supplies to facilities within the medical profession. Based in Gardena, California, DV Medical Supply is a supporter of IVECCS, the International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Symposium.

Every September, IVECCS invites veterinarians, technicians, students, and guests from around the globe to this prestigious five-day event. Hosted jointly with the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (the VECCS), the most recent symposium featured 150 speakers presenting over 430 hours of information in workshops, daybreak sessions, and lectures. After the symposium, attendees could claim a Continuing Education certificate from the IVECCS website.

The 23rd IVECCS is set to be held September 13-17, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee, at the Gaylord Opryland. Registration fees for the 2017 symposium are already being accepted and members of the VECCS may be eligible for discounted rates.