Benefits of the DEA’s Controlled Substance Ordering System

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Controlled Substance Ordering System

Operating out of Gardena, California, DV Medical Supply Inc. has provided medical professionals with surgical and pharmaceutical supplies for almost four decades. The company offers a large selection of hard-to-find products with accurate order fulfillment and reliable delivery. DV Medical Supply also allows customers to order controlled substances online through the Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS).

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) now allows Schedule II controlled substances to be ordered without the paper DEA Form 222 through the CSOS program. After enrolling with the DEA to acquire a CSOS digital certificate, purchasers can benefit from CSOS in several ways. It can be used for Schedule II substances and has no line item limit for a single order, which allows more ordering freedom. Furthermore, CSOS enables faster transactions for small inventories and reduces the number of ordering errors. Because of increased order accuracy and the reduced need for paperwork, transactions also cost less.


Akibene Scholarship Program Breaks Financial Barriers to Education

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Akibene Scholarship Program

DV Medical Supply is a supplier of quality wholesale medical products and pharmaceuticals with headquarters in Gardena, California. Outside its everyday operations, DV Medical Supply supports ChildFund, a nonprofit organization that advocates for the protection of children’s wellbeing nationally and internationally. ChildFund initiatives include the Akibene Scholarship Program.

Seeking to remove the financial barriers to pursuing an education, the Akibene Scholarship Program benefits Gambian and Indonesian youth forced to drop out of high school due to financial strain. Scholarships cover a variety of educational expenses, ranging from tuition and school fees to books and materials. They also help students pay for housing and transportation to higher-level institutions. In addition, it grants students the necessary tools and skills to support their families and inspire others to use education as a pathway to success.

More than $11,000 in donations have been raised for the scholarship program since its launch. The program maintains a fundraising goal of $30,000.