JDRF One Walk Los Angeles Set for October 2016

JDRF One Walk Los Angeles pic

JDRF One Walk Los Angeles
Image: jdrf.org

Since 1978, DV Medical Supply has provided a vast selection of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and surgical tools to clients throughout the health-care sector. Based in Gardena, California, DV Medical Supply is a dedicated supporter of both local and global nonprofit efforts, including the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

JDRF is an international nonprofit dedicated to advancing research into Type 1 diabetes (T1D). At present, there are no known cures or preventative methods for T1D, and JDRF leverages the support of both the scientific and philanthropic communities to seek a solution to this widespread health crisis.

One of JDRF’s primary fundraising initiatives is One Walk, which brings together people impacted by T1D for a day of hope and solidarity. Each year, over 900,000 supporters take part to raise awareness and funding for T1D research, working as teams to raise money for the cause.

JDRF will hold its Los Angeles One Walk on October 30, 2016, at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena. With over $90,000 pledged for the event, the 5K walk is poised to make a significant impact on the JDRF mission.


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