Hydroxyzine – Effective Against Pet Itchiness and Allergic Reactions

DV Medical Supply pic

DV Medical Supply
Image: dvmed.com

DV Medical Supply is a wholesale distributor of quality veterinary medications at affordable prices. Featuring a wide selection of hard-to-source drugs, DV Medical Supply stocks products such as metronidazole, cephalexin, and hydroxyzine. Commonly used by humans as a sedative for tension and anxiety issues, the antihistamine hydroxyzine is also effective against hives and other allergic skin reactions.

For pets, hydroxyzine is administered in situations involving various allergic reactions, from insect and snake bites, to vaccine reactions. The active ingredient works to counteract the chemical histamine, which is released by the pet’s body in certain circumstances, causing itchiness and inflammation.

Through blocking H-1 receptors within the smooth muscles and smaller blood vessels, hydroxyzine prevents a widening of the vessels, which can result in inflammation. It also blocks the contraction of muscles surrounding the airways, preventing breathing difficulties. Hydroxyzine is a prescription medication and should always be administered according to veterinarian directions.


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